Monday, June 17, 2013

Vlog: Fifteenth Birthday

I celebrated my 15th birthday last, June 13, with my friends and family. 
I went bowling with Carla, Aina and Grazel, where in I mostly sucked and got 0 as a score on the first few rounds (what a loser) but i placed second next to Grazel who got the highest score. We also fooled around in the nearby bookstores and toy stores, showing our inner kid at heart. 
I ended my birthday by eating with the family at a local Italian Kitchen, Mama Lou's then heading to Topshop for a little shopping which lead me to buy shoes as a little present for myself. 

And here is the 'sorry for not posting much' paragraph which to say i'm not really sorry (shame). I did go out this Summer but decided to not post the pictures or the other vlog i was supposed to do hence the lack of posts. Schools starting tomorrow, help me!! 

xx, Kayla

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